1. General provision

1.1 These terms & conditions set customer and e-shop (further seller(Individual business licence nr. 136534)) mutual rights, duties and responsibilities when customer buys in this e-shop.

2. The moment of purchase and sale contract

2.1. Purchase and sale contract between Customer and Seller are held valid when Customer clicks "Confirm Order" and are valid till all the duties are fulfilled.

2.2. All the contracts between Customer and Seller are registered and save in the Sellers database.

3. Customer rights

3.1. Buyer has a right to buy guided by these rules and Lithuania Republic acts of law.

3.2. Customer has a right to cancel the order informing a seller about it within 14 days.

3.3. Customer has all other rights provided in Lithuania Republic acts of law.

4. Customer duties

4.1. Customer commits to provide correct shipping address.

4.2. Customer commits to accept ordered goods and pay for it.

4.3. Customer commits to inform Seller if any data changed during the ordering process.

4.4. Ordered goods are reserved:

4.4.1. when Customer choose to pay when checking out pays for the goods. If the Customer doesn't pay within 3 working days the Seller has a right to cancel the order without informing the Customer. After this time limit, Seller has a right to assume that the purchase and sale contract has been refused by the Customer.

4.4.2. immediately when Customer chooses to pay on delivery.

4.5. Customer has to obey other Lithuania Republic acts of law.

5. Seller rights

5.1. If Customer are trying to harm an e-shop Seller has the right to restrict Customers use of e-shop without warning.

5.2. Seller has a right to temporarily or non-temporarily stop e-shop activity under not foreseen circumstances without warning the Customer.

5.3. Seller has all other rights provided in Lithuania Republic acts of law.

6. Seller duties

6.1. Provide Customer with e-shop shop service.

6.2. Organize delivery of the goods Customer orders.

6.3. In case of unexpected circumstances when goods couldn't be deliver to the Customer, Seller commits to refund the full amount Customer paid within 5 working days. Seller is then set free from responsibility of not delivering goods to the Customer.

7. Delivery

7.1. Goods are shipped within 1-2 working days (if it is not written otherwise in product description).

7.2. Customer commits to accept goods himself. In case Customer can't accept goods himself and goods are delivered to the chosen address, Customer doesn't have a right to submit complaint for delivering goods to the wrong subject.

7.3. Goods are delivered to the Customer by method he chose.

7.4. Seller are not responsible for the violation of delivery terms if the goods are delivered or not delivered, because of Customer fault or because of circumstances which doesn't depend from Seller.

7.5. While accepting the goods Customer or other subjects who are at the receiving end of the goods along with courier has to check the parcel if it isn't damaged and sign the document which means he accepted the parcel undamaged. If Customer notices that the parcel is damaged, he must mark it in the document and fulfill the free form act of damaged parcel. If Customer omits doing these steps above, Seller is then not responsible for damaged goods if those damages occurred because of damaged parcel conditions which wasn't marked by Customer when accepting the parcel.

8. Return

8.1. Goods can be returned or changed within 14 days.

8.2. Returned goods must meet these conditions:

8.2.1. Goods are in their original undamaged package (clothes in their transparent bag, shoes in their original box, etc.).

8.2.2. Goods wasn't damaged.

8.2.3. Goods wasn't used.

8.2.4. Goods are of full complectation.

8.2.5. Goods are with all their original tags.

8.2.6. Goods are in their original undamaged package (clothes in their transparent bag, shoes in their original box, etc.).

8.3. Seller has a right to not accept the return of Customer doesn't follow the conditions marked in 8.2.

9. Warranty

9.1. All the goods are original and has three months commercial warranty, which doesn't restrict rights in Lithuania Republic acts of law.

9.2 Warranty is not valid:

9.2.1 if shoes were washed, put in the hot-air dryers or tumble drained.

9.2.2 item defect was cause by unintentional or intentional damage.

9.2.3 item defect was caused because of careless or inappropriate use.

9.2.4 item was used not for its intended purposes (playing outdoor with indoor shoes).

9.2.5 item was worn out naturally. (Usually basketball shoes are worn out by 3 months of use).

10. Responsibility

10.1. Customer is responsible for the credibility of the data he provides when registering or ordering. Customer takes all the responsibility for any cause because of incorrectness of data he provided.

11. Privacy policy

11.1. All the information provided when ordering is used only to properly provide services. Without customer agreement the information isn't provided to 3rd party, which are not related to direct service customer agreed on. SPORTGURU.LT are not responsible for any comments that were published by customers.

11.2. Customer has a right to receive a free information about his provided data, change, block or delete it contacting Seller via phone +370 677 61597 or email [email protected].

11.3. Customer has a right to receive information what was the source, why and what data was collected in the last year via phone +370 677 61597 or email [email protected].

11.4. Customer has a right to correct, delete or stop his data handling actions if data are handled violating Lithuania Republic act of law via phone +370 677 61597 or email [email protected].

12. Payment

12.1 Payment fee are controlled by the Customer Bank.

12.2 If Customer chose to pay on delivery, but are trying to avoid delivery, Seller keeps the right to claim compensation for the damage Seller experienced, because of Customer irresponsible behavior.

13. Supplementary provision

13.1 Before agreeing purchase and sale agreement Customer has a right to receive information about materials of goods via email [email protected]

14. Final provision

14.1. All the divisions connected with purchase sale contract between Customer and Seller are dealt by negotiating. Claim/complaint about goods bought or service provided by Seller can be submitted to VVTAT (Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius, el. p. [email protected], tel. 8 5 262 67 51, fax. (8 5) 279 1466) also to VVTAT territorial units in Your county or submitting the form in EGS platform


Paulius Vaškevičius
Individual business license nr.: 136534
A. Smetonos al. 55, Kaunas, Lithuania
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